Dear API User,

to improve the quality of our services we are changing our API Gateway infrastructure. The following APIs are already available on the new gateway:

  • label
  • sscc
  • routing
  • freightcosts
  • quotation
  • shipmentstatus
  • shipmenthistory
  • pod
  • transportorder

We strongly recommend you to switch existing API connections to the new gateway.

The migration consists of changing :
    - the domain from "api.dachser.com" to "api-gateway.dachser.com".
    - the header name "X-IBM-Client-Id" to "X-API-Key".

API tokens are synchronized between old and new gateway.


If you encounter any problems afterwards, you can contact our Service Desk at support@dachser.com.


Kind Regards,
DACHSER Business Integration

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